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Online survey on the climate plan attracted 18,000 responses

Press release 22.2.2021 Ministry of the Environment
The Ministry of the Environment organised an online survey to gather people’s views and opinions on how emissions can be reduced effectively and fairly. The number of responses that came in during the four weeks the survey was open was very high, more than 18,000. The responses will be used for the preparation of the Medium-Term Climate Change Policy Plan.

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How may global changes affect the future of Finland's agricultural and food economy?

The future development of Finland's agricultural and food economy depends significantly on changes happening in other countries and how Finland reacts to those changes. In the next few decades, societies will change in a way that is difficult to predict. Researchers at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE have constructed four alternative scenarios of how the Finnish agri-food sector could change under different global circumstances.
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MarineFinland.fi - The treasure trove of Finnish marine data

Everything you wanted to know about the Baltic Sea is now in one place. MarineFinland.fi gathers sea data and knowledge from nine Finnish organizations and institutes.



Environmental impacts need to be taken into account in nutrition recommendations
Increasing the share of vegetables, legumes, and fish in people’s diets helps mitigate climate change, while reducing the loss of biodiversity. Both nutritional and ecological sustainability need to be considered in the Finnish nutrition recommendations. Read more: SYKE Policy Brief Environmental impacts need to be taken into account in nutrition recommendations (issuu).